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標題: 择人任势,坚定迈出中美战略共和关系一大步 [打印本頁]

作者: 南山28子    時間: 2019-12-3 05:22     標題: 择人任势,坚定迈出中美战略共和关系一大步

本帖最後由 南山28子 於 2019-12-3 05:26 編輯

Dear President TRUMP, can you figure out what the United States "Top priority"? ? The necessity for making decisions devolves on you & me.  迈出中美战略共和关系长期稳定,可持续发展,手牵手,心连心的一步 is our first imperative.
Take a long-term stable, sustainable development of China-US strategic republican relations!

Review the situation, listen to Gingrich and Kissinger, and AlphaOcean's sea talk!
The general trend, practice has proved that no one can eat anyone in the United States and China.
Strong alliances, complementary advantages, and the trend toward republics are maintaining the strong core interests of the United States
The outline is to give priority to formulating the correct line for US-China cooperation, followed by the courage to use talent!

The core value of the strategic game between the United States and China is "toward a republic is the general trend. "If you can attack your heart, you will dismiss it, and if you don't try it, you will be lenient. You must think deeply today!

审时度势,    听听金里奇和基辛格以及AlphaOcean 大海谏言!


The today  Alpha Ocean Lee witnessed the first rain and snow in the United States this winter 2019, with the following special statement:

Yesterday was the day of December 1, 2019, when I formally submitted my application to the US Republican Party. The mission of humanity is to constantly explore the truth!

实践出真知,YOU DO IT AND YOU SEE . 韩国瑜的【功夫】一只穿云箭千军万马来相见,旗开得胜,心想事成,大海运筹帷幄,另辟蹊径,作为韩国瑜的增援,周围,侧翼,天马行空的台湾东门町的藏龙卧虎,有朝一日,必将为韩国瑜的治台方略,添砖加瓦,冲锋陷阵,杀出一条血路。
大海第三支剑:完成中国南北战争 ”,高举“新三民主义”的林肯之剑,(同心同国,走向共和,民和主义,民新主义,民立主义)具有中国台湾地方民国特色的军政阶段,训政阶段,宪政阶段。结束75年内战,迎来太平洋西岸的天下太平!




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