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標題: 太平洋两岸构架一座横跨海洋的大桥 [打印本頁]

作者: 南山28子    時間: 2019-8-8 15:19     標題: 太平洋两岸构架一座横跨海洋的大桥

Today we are here to discuss how to build a bridge across the ocean on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

I remember that Nixon once said in Shanghai, China, "In the past, we used to be enemies. Today we still have huge differences. What brings us together is us. There are more common interests than these differences. When we discuss our differences. Neither of us will compromise on the principle of our own interests. However, although we cannot bridge the gap between us, we can manage to build a bridge so that we can cross it to talk. There is no reason to be an enemy, now It’s time for us to climb the great realm and create a new, better world!”

     Dear CSIS international strategic experts, as the president of the North China Alumni Association of China Northwestern University, I am honored to participate in and share your high-sounding and incisive analysis, but I also have my own in the American society. Seek practical lessons from more than ten years. In the US-China trade war, competition is only a means of cooperation and win-win. Mutual benefit and win-win is the fundamental purpose of trade war. By following this criterion, we can actively and friendlyly negotiate and negotiate for each other's common interests. According to this standard, we can give full play to their respective characteristics and advantages and make up for their own shortcomings and gaps. By following this code, we can take care of the interests of the United States and take care of the US Republican candidate, President Trump, eager to make concessions and agreements on agricultural procurement and other aspects. By following this principle, we can hope to respect each other's core interests of the sovereignty and unity of each country's sovereignty, jointly oppose the violent acts of violence and riots that create the country's division, and promote the stable and harmonious development of the country and society. We hope that the future of the United States will be even better!




Both the US and China Shanghai trade negotiations have paid substantial and constructive exploration and efforts. "If you want to speed, you won't reach it." "Frozen three feet is not a cold day," "rice should be eaten bit by bit." Our esteemed President Donald Trump, in an eagerness to show his extraordinary ability to lead the economic lifeline of the US relationship in front of American voters, and to decide the success or failure of the US-China trade war, suddenly announced the addition of tariffs on 300 billion Chinese products. However, this kind of "extreme pressure" decision-making, China has adapted to President Trump's routine, adopted an inevitable counter-measure of the United States, closed the door to the purchase of US bulk agricultural products, the loss of US interests and the rebound of American companies. It is stronger than China’s reaction, the stock market has fallen sharply, investor confidence has fallen to a new low, and the US manufacturing activity index has fallen for four consecutive months. The confidence and investment willingness of the US-China bilateral cooperation relationship has been greatly reduced. This result is not what we want to see.


The purpose of the Sino-US trade war is not to solve the imbalance of the trade deficit, and certainly not just a trade issue. Instead, we must fight the Chinese economic system through trade wars, fight the Chinese government, and fight for the hopes and dreams of China's rise! From the comprehensive analysis of the macroeconomic and domestic economic structure, the US-China trade war, such a sharp and uncompromising opposition, such a tit-for-tat confrontation, because the United States’ relative competitiveness and comprehensive strength are instead “striking” and “stimulating China” Accelerating from the United States and still growing rapidly" (flying against the wind). The containment and pressure exerted by the United States in recent years have caused Chinese companies and individuals who originally invested in the United States to withdraw or significantly reduce their original scale and projects. Even Taiwan’s Guo Taiming’s vowed investment has shrunk dramatically, and his face is completely different. This is the reality of the domestic economic structure of the United States. The United States has become a "fragile power" (behind the US-China trade war) USA: Fragile Superpower. This is the inevitable result of the "100-year marathon" confrontation and game between the two sides of the Pacific. The Hundred Year Marathon: Who Will Win ? If the United States continues to adopt such constant "extreme pressure", "unilateralism", "isolationism", "American priority" hegemonism, power politics, that is the "zero-sum game" undoubtedly the result of competition.

中美貿易戰的目的,並不是解決貿易赤字的不平衡問題,當然也不是僅僅是貿易問題。而是要通過貿易戰打垮中國經濟體制,打垮中國政府,打垮中國崛起的希望和夢想!从宏观经济和国内经济结构的综合分析,美中贸易战,如此尖锐不妥协的对立,如此针锋相对的对抗下去,因为美国的相对竞争力和综合实力反而呈现“此消彼长”,“刺激中国加速脱离美国而依然快速成长”(逆风飞扬)的现象。美国近年来的遏制和施压,使得中国原本投资美国的企业和个人,纷纷退出,或大幅减少原来的规模和项目。就连台湾的郭台铭信誓旦旦的投资也大幅缩水,面貌全非。这就是现实的美国国内经济格局。美国已经变成“脆弱的强国”(在美中贸易战的背后)USA: Fragile Superpower. 这是太平洋两岸“百年马拉松”对抗和博弈的必然结果。 The Hundred Year Marathon: Who Will Win ?如果美国继续采取这样不断“极限施压”,“单边主义”,“孤立主义”,“美国优先”的霸权主义,强权政治,那是“零和博弈”毫无疑问的竞争结果。

The shadow of Taiwan’s 228 incident is behind the events in Hong Kong’s Occupy and Anti-Send

If "Hong Kong's Occupy Events", "Reverse Sending Incidents", "Taiwan Crisis", and other factors surrounding the deterioration of China's surrounding investment environment, it will trigger a regional financial crisis, forcing the investment environment in Hong Kong, China to deteriorate, resulting in investors. A large amount of capital is withdrawn, so that the dollar can profit from it. This is the marginal effect of the US-China trade war. Third, in order to discredit China’s "one country, two systems" and the need for Taiwan's 2020 elections, Taiwan's Tsai Ing-wen authorities have used various resources to intervene in "Hong Kong's demonstrations and violence" in Hong Kong's anti-government riots. These facts can be seen as a slap in the face of the sea and self-deception. "Democracy", "violence", "accidental events"?
Here is a comparison of the violent riots in Hong Kong. I think of the "228 incident" that happened when I was born in Taiwan, because when the Japanese Emperor Meiji 815 unconditionally surrendered, to October 25 of the same year, The Chinese National Government officially accepted the ceremony, during which the Japanese colonial authorities printed a large amount of Taiwanese currency in Japan and sent it to Japanese survivors and old officials left in Taiwan. In order to buy Taiwan's civilian fat people, living materials, and shipped back to Japan. The Taiwan provincial government is helpless and has printed a large amount of new Taiwan dollars, which has caused the people of Taiwan to fall into dire straits. On February 28, 1947, the Taipei citizens stopped the city and marched to petition the government to hand over the shooting police. The Kuomintang authorities also suppressed the anger of the people and erupted a large-scale armed riot. Within a few days, rioters controlled most parts of Taiwan Province. Chen Yi, the chief executive of Taiwan Province, called for assistance in Nanjing. The Nationalist government stationed the 21st army stationed in Shanghai to land in Keelung and stationed in Taipei. The masses were suppressed by the masses and the movement eventually failed. The February 28 incident was one of the most important events in the modern history of Taiwan. Taiwan followed up with 38 years of martial law. Will this kind of history still appear in Hong Kong today? !



However, it is unfortunate that the American and Taiwanese Taiwan independence elements are inaccurate in their judgments on Hong Kong and Taiwan. This time, the opponent they encountered was China. China has used the basic law of Hong Kong and the way of building a "firewall" and "Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong" to fight Tai Chi. It has calmly dealt with the Hong Kong crisis. As a result, the last one that the United States most hoped for at the 99-degree water temperature has never appeared. It has never been boiled. The water did not boil, and the Fed’s horn with a rate cut was too late to work. It seems that President Trump of the United States knows that it is not so easy to cut Chinese wool, so he did not intend to hang himself on a tree. On the same day that the interest rate cut was announced, Hong Kong’s “reverse delivery” demonstration was “riot” and it was straightforward to say, “Hong Kong is a part of China and must handle this matter by itself.” “They don’t need advice.” But the US public opinion Other voices in the political circles have publicly emphasized that the "anti-China demonstration" democracy movement in Hong Kong certainly has the strong support and participation of American CIA personnel. Because it is in the interest of the United States, the United States has invested a lot of resources and money.


Finally, we hope that the experts and scholars of the US international strategic think tank will rationally view the long-term cooperation interests between the United States and China. Since I have you, you have me, we can't destroy each other, then we are the only ones. s Choice. Seizing the opportunity, life is limited, the president's term is very limited, and the difference between one thought and one hand can solve the problem of the people and turn the Chinese people into friends who build a beautiful home in the United States. The Chinese people will not forget that the great President of Lincoln has ended the southern group that split the country. The Chinese people will not forget the President of Roosevelt who supported China during World War II. The Chinese people will not forget President Nixon who opened the door to the United States and China. We will not forget the current special All good and practical things that President Ramp has done to improve US-China relations. Although we cannot bridge the gap between us, we can manage to build a bridge so that we can cross it to talk. We have no reason to be an enemy. Now is the time to fight for the day. Now is the time for our two peoples to climb the great realm and create a new, better world! ”


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