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標題: 美国是被美国的学生打败的! [打印本頁]

作者: 南山28子    時間: 2019-2-6 20:19     標題: 美国是被美国的学生打败的!

Only by defeating yourself can you become a strong.
The United States is defeated by itself @中国 is a student of the United States!
China’s “Zhongxing” company is a subsidiary that serves the United States.
China's "Huawei Company" is also a subsidiary cultivated by the United States.
In fact, it is similar to Taiwan’s Hon Hai Group!
Is it true that companies in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Israel, France, and Australia are not stealing and imitating American technological achievements? ?
Do American students surpass teachers and teachers blame students?
? After the waves push the waves, the latecomers are on!
This is the law of nature and the truth of science!
Self-awareness is clear, the winner is powerful, and the winner is

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