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Mind Set! Strategies For Success to Make American Great Again!
Urge President Trump to approve the "three represents the United States is more powerful and important ideas"!
Honorable President Trump:
          If Singapore and the United States meet with each other, you are eye-catching and far-sighted, leading a major step in the transformation of the world’s history. This has caused the world to retreat from the edge of a potential nuclear war and established a US-led coordinated coordination between the United States and China. Consistency, turning crises into opportunities, resolving hostage crises, consuming highly pointless and provocative high military expenditures, and demonstrating the role of maintaining world peace and peaceful resolution of regional conflicts. Contrary to this, the opposite is to miss the opportunity to smash the heat and restore the U.S. economy, and to listen to the "suicide" of the hawkish legislator who opened up the trade war and "move the rock to his feet." People are wise enough to know oneself. There is a two-sided nature of the unity of opposites in everything in the world. Even the sharp contradictions in the Sino-American trade friction are not all caused unilaterally. As far as the "ZTE Corporation of China" is concerned, ZTE Corporation is a "processing factory" that works for many companies in the United States. I said that it is the "appearance" and "half son" of the United States. The U.S. upstream company is dependent on earning the remaining value of ZTE Corporation to survive. Those lawmakers and politicians who do not know how to do business and manage the radius of the road, have always said that the U.S. has priority in its mouth, but in fact it is “a blind sight that does not see Mount Tai”. Gold is not perfect, even if it is "North Korea Kim Jong-un" promised to "go nuclear", but at any time there may be an unpredictable "reversal", as long as his purpose can not be achieved, he will resort to "against a strike "The killer." In contrast, China's credibility, stability, continuity, and relatedness are far more reliable, credible, comparable, and controllable than North Korea's Kim Jong-un and Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party politicians.
In the process of globalization, the United States has spent many years on military expenditures and the strategy of creating a "Asia-Pacific rebalancing," which has cost but has no practical value. It is actually having little effect. Contrary to each other, this shift is uneven, and domestic construction is relatively stagnant. In comparison, the urban construction, transportation construction, network construction, smart society construction, and space science and technology construction in the United States will be retired if they do not advance. "The foundation of the country is construction." In business, business, business, business, and strategy for success to Make American Great Again! That is not to rely on a strong military can be everywhere, "the king to dominate."
The enlightened are more helpless, and the losers are less helpful. In the context of a relatively balanced nuclear-weapons power, no one is likely to eat anyone! It is indeed able to solve the fundamental problems of the people's livelihood and social harmony in various countries or do a good job in economic construction. The economy is the foundation of society. How does the United States dominate the world and how much its own economic strength and industrialized entity economy can help other countries? If the United States can only provide killing weapons and can not directly participate in the construction projects of economic revitalization of various countries, then the United States will not have the right to dominate the globalization of the world. This is the biggest potential issue for the United States in the process of globalization in the face of hardship and weakness. Judging from the recent G7 meeting, the essence is that the overall strength of the United States has been deteriorating. The United States has prioritized its decision making, has been detrimental to self-interest, and has turned against the truth and has lost its faith in the world. How can the United States unite the cohesiveness of various countries and how can it attract other allies? ! To say bluntly, compared with the results of the U.S.-DPRK meeting, who cares less? If we say that the United States has won the "North Korea's commitment to denuclearization," the surface phenomenon, both North Korea's future construction and reform and opening up, will require the participation of the United States and economic resources. The current overall economic strength of the United States, South Korea, and Japan will be compared with China's overall economic strength and development model. I would like to ask, whose influence and influence on North Korea is greater! ? Force is equal to reaction force! If the United States has a small force, then it will have less influence on the future of North Korea. Its attractiveness will be small, and it will be overshadowed. China is indifferent to these key issues. It hides its insincerity and disregards the former. It smiles and welcomes them with a smiley face. It is not afraid that the United States will do its best to solve the problem and draw North Korea to rule out the influence of China because it will go to North Korea to fulfill its "nuclear-free." "Opening the market, opening up and building. The good things in the world are not all left to the Americans. It is up to the people to get the most out of the water. Whoever is the biggest winner of North Korea will have to look at its own overall strength. Of course, if North Korea Kim Jong-un is a wise and clever person, he should truly fulfill his promise of abandoning the nuclear program because “there is no faith, no faith in the world,” and “the hydropower pontoons can also overturn the boat”. The Korean people themselves also Will compare and choose the future road!
       It can be seen that President Trump is a typical executor of Reagan’s economics. However, now that the U.S. economy has entered the era of post-industrialization, U.S. industrial manufacturing companies have gradually lost their competitiveness, and the market competition between China and India has been almost completely defeated. Under the background of this shift in productivity, the U.S. demands that other countries Reducing exports to the United States to protect the U.S. market, increasing U.S. employment, limiting technology transfer and exports, adopting isolationist retaliatory measures and levying punitive tariffs on other countries, and promoting trade protectionism to safeguard U.S. economic interests. However, this kind of quick success and short-sighted behavior that harms people's interests will inevitably lead to a strong rebound in all countries in the world, including China. Instead, US companies and producers are in the embarrassing situation of lifting their own feet. We are all reformers, builders and participants in social practice who simultaneously promote the common progress of the world. We are well aware that it is not easy to do anything and accomplish others in order to accomplish ourselves. The Chinese people say that “they want to reach up and reach people, they want to stand and establish people,” and “they want to be from people, and people from the desire to benefit.”
      Therefore, I recently made a shot at the Annapolis Congress in the capital of Maryland and put forward the basic concept of "Alpha Ocean Dahai Economic and Political Science." The original Qingyuan, from the long-term plan, people-oriented, Hainan River, attract investment, attract and create the best talents of the contemporary era, ignite the social self-learning, self-improvement of passion, promote intelligent self-renewal planning of the city, embrace the world, rooted in the deep, Yamato Yang, lead the world. And on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, I put forward the spirit of the new American Three People's Principles of "People's Livelihood, People's Newness, and People's Standing." Instead of establishing a person's spirit of the Three People's Principles, we are building the civic awareness of New Americans and the National International. Combining responsibility, sense of mission, and values in the field of vision. At the time of the election, the US senators and members of the House of Representatives should all be "practising new Americans, cities in the United States, and the image of the new United States". They represent the practitioners and participants of the important ideas of the United States. Instead of those vacant shouts, "Only the U.S. interests are prioritized, human rights are equal, educational gaps are narrowed, traffic congestion is reduced, and elderly services are supported and guns are kept away from schools". The former President Obama said that neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party have "advancedness", and if they lose supervision, they will become a stumbling block to social development. The "three represents the important thinking of the United States" submitted by me is not to make the relationship between the party and the people "leadership" and "leadership." Instead, let those lawmakers and advanced members of political parties take the lead and use the attitude of “service” and “contribution” to the citizens of society to correctly view the urgent issues of American society and people’s livelihood, namely, “a decade of trees for a hundred years” and “establishing new Americans, building new American cities, reshaping the image of the new U.S. power." We know that one of the most important theories of economics is that "as opposed to the needs of a globalized market, all resources are scarce." There is no free lunch in the world, and we have to pay for any decisions. Given the established conditions of resources, we must make decisions that emphasize isolationism and protectionism as we make the decision to "build three important American ideas." There must be some gains and losses. In order to obtain a "new American, a new American city, a new US image," it is necessary to abandon its glory and ignore the needs of domestic construction to engage in overseas expansion and tease the military tensions in the South China Sea. This is the "opportunity cost" of choice. . "Qingshan can not hide, after all, go east", "have not wanted to do to others."
When we choose the future structure of the United States and formulate national decisions, one factor that plays an important role is "expectation." Our "expectation" of "three represents the important thinking of the United States" determines the current political analysis and judgment of the Democratic Party and Republican lawmakers on their political issues and objectives. The "U.S.-DPRK nuclear negotiating agreement" signed by President Trant has temporarily suspended and obscured the basic contradictions of the war crisis in Northeast Asia. The tension in the Western Pacific War was eased, but because the U.S. military is not willing to weaken its own needs, it is also necessary to create the image of the U.S. lord in the South China Sea and the East China Sea. This is inconsistent with the U.S. people’s U.S. priority economic development and the U.S. cities’ fundamental interests. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, in different countries and at different times, the needs of the people and the country have changed. Therefore, as a wise leader of the United States, we should keep pace with the times and adopt a visionary and reasonable policy to mobilize and transfer the United States Indo-Pacific headquarters to a good and impetuous mentality. In the face of the mighty history of globalization in the world, only those countries with the most comprehensive and high-quality talents can occupy the heights of ideas and social "dharma theory" in the future community of human life and community, and they can only be in the world. Diversification and common development in harmony to gain comparative advantage. In the process of talent competition, the most fundamental thing is the competition between ideas and theories. Obviously, a strong military force cannot fundamentally solve the problem of regional conflicts. The North Korean nuclear issue is not resolved by relying on large-scale military exercises and test rockets and atomic bombs. In the same way, the issue of the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan independence and Taiwan independence will ultimately not be solved by relying on the advantages of military power and weapons. The Taiwan issue must be resolved by returning to the UN Charter and the law of UN General Assembly Resolution 2758 and the spirit and principles of the "law and law of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits that belong to one China." The sovereignty dispute in the South China Sea is certainly not judged by the United States because international law and the law of the sea are determined on the basis of historical facts and international documents. Aircraft artillery cannot convince people and it cannot win the respect of the world. If you can walk around the world in a rational way, legal and legal principles will be able to convince the people and the government of the South China Sea to convince people. If the theory and legal basis are thorough, you can win peace and reconciliation. Did the United States, Britain, France, Japan, India, and the like think of themselves as saviors, or see the South China Sea today as the era of the Opium War gunboat diplomacy? Therefore, the future of the world lies in those nations that best represent the most people and people who are globalized and integrate advanced social thinking. Only in this way can they occupy the commanding heights in peaceful competition and win the trust and harmony of the world! To sum up, if the United States wants to lead and maintain the advantages of leading the world in globalization, we must have the world, the rule of law, the world, and the world. "If you don't seek to meet the needs of the world, you will not be able to seek a moment. If you do not seek the overall situation, you will not be able to seek a glimpse." This is the basis of our ideological and theoretical basis for the "three represents the important thinking of the United States" and the basis of "actual knowledge" based on the society in the United States.
        We are the tallest building in Washington, DC, facing the sun every day, and the ordinary New American Chinese in the south. In the eyes of the majority of U.S. citizens, we Chinese Americans generally do not care about politics and do not care about expressing their political rights. Especially in the inter-party politics between the U.S. Democratic Party and the Republican Party, we are afraid that we will stop at the wrong side of the team and mistake the team. People have delayed their future and their livelihood. However, we are after 40 years of reform and opening up in China to seek social practice. Retired to the United States to reunite with their families. To learn and feel the actual conditions of American society’s mainstream culture and people’s livelihood construction, the U.S. community is a large university. They come, the security. "Ten years of trees", we are a seed, take root in the United States land, germinate, break ground to grow, experience ten days, nights and nights of spring, summer, autumn and winter, I live in the north of the river. Jun lived in the end of the river. Every day, the gentleman does not see the king, drinking a river. Correctly establishing the sense of responsibility of the new Americans and promoting the sense of mission of Sino-U.S. civil ambassadors is an important factor in mental health, reform and opening up, and self-renewal. Face Book's CEO said: "Don't risk, is the biggest risk." When I was in China’s reform and opening up, I was the initiator of “dare to be the first in the world.” Therefore, ten years after coming to the United States, it has become a truly “western cowboy”. The series of personal suggestions I gave to the White House and the judgments of the current situation can be said to directly express my hopes for the U.S. government and the U.S. people. "I hope there is nothing to do with this, and it does not matter. It is like the road on the ground. Actually, there is no road on the ground. There are many people walking, and it has become a road." I tell you the truth. In a few days, I will be on my life journey. I am 71 years old. The future of Alpha Ocean’s “Alma Ocean Economics and Political Sociology” that I envisioned is ambitious, remote, and embarrassing. However, I am not afraid.

Because I am in the United States, I have many, many new American Chinese and New American citizens around. I have warm support and silence. My front is sunny and broad. I am a new start for myself every day. Zongqixuanju Mo Dao Sang evening, for the Xia Shang sky! This is my confidence in you, President Trump of the United States who only celebrated his 72nd birthday in the past two days. There is a saying in China: "The two are concentric, and their interest is broken, and the words of the same mind are stinking."

The day before yesterday, I made a video of "Renaissance Community Life", "Minhe, Minxin, and Minli", uploaded to you and Ivanka, shared community life, and built a beautiful home together.
In the end, I would like to say: "If you don't win at a high altitude, why is it like being in the world?" "I hope people will live forever.

Dear President Trump:
         I am sitting in the Washingtonian room (9701 Fields RD, APT 1905, Gaithersburg, MD). The series of personal suggestions I gave to the White House and the judgments of the current situation can be said to directly express my hopes for the US government There the many people walking, and it has Become a roDear President Trump:
         I am sitting in the Washingtonian room (9701 Fields RD,  APT 1905, Gaithersburg,MD). The series of personal suggestions I gave to the White House and the judgments of the current situation can be said to directly express my hopes for the U.S. government and the U.S. people. "I hope there is nothing to do with this, and it does not matter. It is like the road on the ground. Actually, there is no road on the ground. There are many people walking, and it has become a road." I tell you the truth. In a few days, I will be on my life journey. 71 years old.

In the end, I would like to say: "If you don't win at a high altitude, why is it like being in the world?" "I hope people will live forever.
Sincerely ,
Alpha Ocean lee
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